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Guangzhou Yangyue

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Guangzhou Yangyue Safety Equipment Co., Ltd specialize in PPE (personal protective equipment) research,development,production,distribution and export. Our products cover PPE, environmental safety, emergency rescue, public fire protection and so on. We also provide practical solutions to meet all customers’ needs according to their different worksite.
With over 10 years’ experience, we become one of the leading PPE products suppliers from China. We developed our own PPE brand “Yangyue” and put it into production since 2016. Representative products for our brand “Yangyue” are respirators,masks,safety shoes, protective gloves,etc. Yangyue products and solutions are widely used in the industries of general industrial work, construction, mining, oil field, agriculture, education, transportation, medical care, food industry, etc.
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Be Safe While On The Job


We wake up to our alarms every day and head off to work, expecting to return home at the end of the day. We want each and every one of you to retu...

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Check the PPE equipment whether quali...


PPE is the last line of defense in the hierarchy of control before starting any work on-site, all staff must wear the required PPE and carry out c...

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Working Safety With Respiratory Prote...


The best way to control respiratory hazards is to isolate or remove the hazard so that respiratory equipment will not be required.

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Protect your hearing


Have you heard that exposure to loud noises on the job can lead to hearing loss or worse?It can, in fact an estimated twenty-two million US worke...

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The Importance of PPE


Implementing safe practices at workplace protects the workers from injuries, death and illnesses caused by hazardous conditions. Hazards exist in ...

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YANGYUE Spring Festival Holiday Notice


Dear customers and friends:The Chinese Spring Festival of 2021 is coming soon. Thank you for your support and trust. According to the company's ho...

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Can Chinese People Remove the Face Ma...


It has been several months since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China.After various policy adjustments by the Chinese government, the COVID-19 has be...

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