Our feet provide us with balance and support for our bodies, and enable us to walk, run, drive, operate machinery, play sports and so on. Our feet can be injured in numerous ways: Slips causing sprains and strains, cuts are common and more serious problems such as broken bones, burns and even amputation of toes happen consistently in the workplace.

       A serious foot injury can have a dramatic effect on the quality of life both at work and home and even minor injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating.

So why do people injure their feet? Firstly the feet like the hands are body extremities, and are not naturally well protected. Secondly they’re complex, each foot has 26 bones, 30 joints, 9 muscles and over 100 ligaments.  

In the workplace by far the most vote injuries are a result of falling objects. The next largest group is stepping on sharp objects. And the third is objects rolling over or onto the feet. It should also be noted that about two-third of foot injuries involve the toes, and almost one-half of all foot injuries involve only the toes.


   There are three important steps in guarding against foot injuries.

First you must be aware of the potential hazards in your workplace.

Second you must discipline yourself to follow the safe working procedures which have been laid down.

And last it is critical that you make appropriate use of the correct protective equipment.