Occupational health specifically looks at health in the workplace and the individuals, and the activity and processes that they’re involved with.

Occupational health is a term often used to describe health conditions within the working environment. Sometimes these are conditions brought into work by an employee. Sometimes these are conditions to be adverse were contributed to by the work environment. The employer has a responsibility to manage these occupational health conditions, and often they will use the services of occupational health provider to assist assess. 

Occupational health is about looking at the impact health hazard work and what hazard health aims to reduce occupational health disease development such as occupational asthma and our vibration noise induced hearing loss.

How are the staff at risk from workplace exposures? 

Staff will be at risk in terms of workplace exposure if there’s excessive noise so that will affect their hearing. If there’s excessive pressure, so let affect their mental ability. If there’s excessive chemicals in the environment, and that can be absorbed through the skin or breathed in. Workplace exposures might put some staff at risk by things like fumes, noise or vibration. Common health conditions that can arise from workplace exposure include respirator disease, eye and skin irritation, muscle and nerve damage and cancers.

How would you identify if occupational health surveillance is needed? Even identify of occupational health surveillance is needed by really having in place the risk assessment process by knowing the jobs that people do. And so you need to identify the kind of what are the issues, what are the kind of rusts involved. So the important thing is risk assessment monitor and record what you have in place in terms of hazards. And then ensure individuals are not going to be harmed.

You would identify if occupational health surveillance is needed by always carrying a risk assessment. First identifying the staff explores the hazard that presents itself. If every risk the means in the workplace, you would need to put control measures on place. Part of which may well be an occupational health surveillance program.