If you truly believe that safety is important in your work at home or anywhere else,there is no place for these two phrases safety first and safety is our number one priority to do a job safely, our goal is to complete it without accident or injury.but the slogans safety first and safety is our priority will not help us achieve this goal.

The danger in making safety a priority rests within the reality that priorities get reshuffled throughout the day. when were under pressure to complete a job,we may find that safety first can easily become safety second safety third,or moved so far down the list that we end up taking ridiculous risks that result in a accidents. 

Your employer is not in business to make you be safe or to keep you safe,there's no doubt that they want you to go home safe and healthy every day, but the company's priorities revolve around different goals,just as your goal is to make money in the form of a paycheck.

Slogans like safety first and safety is our priority to discourage personal responsibility.because safety begins and ends with you,is it reasonable to think the someone would hire you to do a job.and then tell you that nothing is more important to them than your personal safety of course not.

A sorts of jobs ranging from easy and relatively safe to difficult and dangerous are done by people who are willing to assume risk.is true that your employer does no want you to get hurt,its bad for business it's bad for the customers and it's bad for the bottom line.no one wants their employees to get hurt.therefore most workplaces have some safety policies and procedures all with your safety in mind.but they cannot force you to make safety first or to make the priority and everything you do the employer isn't your parent and youre not a Child.

The key to safety is personal responsibility hazards and various degrees of risk from hazards are everywhere and they cannot be completely eliminated.on the other hand hazards can be known and they can be understood,every task you do has to be approached with varying levels of hazard awareness,you can look for and understand the hazards in every job or you can ignore them,your job can be approached with care or with a lack of care for safety,all of that is going to be up to you.don't rely on cute little phrases to make you safe rely on yourself, remember the key to safety is personal responsibility,thanks for watching and have a safe day.