Is your job hurting your health?

Ever been in this situations:you wake up in the morning,get your mind right,then it's time to get moving;gotta get to work you can feel your heart beat increase in your blood pressure rise,work,you like many other people hate your job.

Just thinking about your job really stresses you out,if this is how you feel,you're not alone,sistex show that 30% to 40% of people describe their job as very or extremely stressful,and 25% of people rate their jobs as the number one stressor in 

Their lives,according to one report 14% of people feel like punching a co-worker,25% of people feel like screaming because of job stress and 10% of people fear a co-worker could do something violent.

All ofthis stress leads to several health-issues.including sleep problems,heart problem,digestive proble,weight gain and even depression.So stress is treally really really bad for your healtht.this wrorkplace stress situation leaves uss with two questions.

what are the causes of all this stress?and what can be done to relieve this stress?Some of the main causes of job stress includes working long hours,to heavier wore clothes,poor management lack of job security,dangerous working conditions and problems with a co-worker,so if you're dealing with one of these situations,what can you do,the easy answer is quick and get a new job,but folks life just isn't always that simple,many people stay at stressful jobs because they need the benefits,or they can't afford a lower paying job,what you can do though is learn how to manage stress,for instance keep a notebook with you for a couple of weeks,and write down stressful situations you encounter and how you responded to them?

Read through your notes and see if you can find a way to respond to those situations,a way that causes you less stress,If you feel you can,then speak with your supervisor,not to complain but to let them know that you want to perform better at your job,

But right now there are certain things that are causing you stress,and preventing you from performing at a higher level,when you leave work,actually leave work,don't allow yourself to think about work,check work emails,or even talk or text coworkers if the conversation is going to be about work,get more active in your life,exercise is a great stress relief as our physical hobbies such as joining a golf league or a volleyball league,ware you're doing something,physical and social at the same time, walking or hiking and listening to music are great ways to relieve stress as well.

Eat healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables,that have vitamins,minerals and fiber Whitch can help with proper bodily function and digestion,make ample time for sleep, well most people are crunched for time the first thing they cut back on is sleep bad idea folks,good quality sleep improves memory,creativity and physical performance,sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise,stress from your job can be just as damaging to your health,as poor nutrition or a sedentary 

Lifestyle, learning to manage stress is not easy,it takes hard work,a lot of hard work,but the payoff is worth it a happier and healthier life.