In some workplaces, there will be dangerous products.
In Canada, your employer must teach you about any dangers at work. It is up to you to ask questions and make sure you understand the dangers at your job. A hazard is a danger or risk. There are many products at work that are hazardous. You must be careful when using hazardous products. If you must use a hazardous product at work, there are four questions to ask. 
What is the hazard? What safety equipment do l wear?What do l do if there is an accident?How do l get more information?
Symbols can help you understand without reading. Hazardous products must be labeled with symbols. Products with one of these symbols can be dangerous. 
 You need to know how to use them safely. It is Canadian law for companies to label all dangerous products with these symbols. This is called the workplace hazardous materials information system. For short we say WHMIS.
 Let’s look at the WHMIS symbols and what they mean.
Explosive, this symbol means that the product could explode. It should only be used with proper training and equipment. Oxydizer, this is a symbol of an O on fire. It means that the product is an oxidizer That means it creates extra oxygen. Extra oxygen is a fire risk if near heat. Do not use or store oxidizers near heat. The flammable symbol means that it can catch fire. Keep products with this symbol away from heat. Gas under pressure symbol, If the container is damaged, it may shoot or spin out if control. If a gas under pressure is released, it can be dangerous to breath. Corrosive, the symbol means that the products is corrosive. Corrosive products can damage the mental. It is also dangerous if it touches your skin or eyes. You must use protective equipment when using corrosive products. Toxic, this symbol means the product is toxic. It can make you sick or kill you if you breathe, touch or swallow it. Skin or eye irritation, a label with this symbol means that product could cause skin or eye problems. This symbol remind you to wear protective equipment or PPE. Health Hazard, products with this label area health hazard, they can cause serious health problems if you use them a lot. Environment, this hazard symbol is used on products that can harm waters. They should not be poured down the drain. Biohazard, biohazards can cause diseases or sickness in humans or animals. Read the labels carefully, wear your protective equipment, like glasses and gloves when using hazardous products.
WAHMIS labels must contain warnings and information about how to use them safely. Look for keywords on labels in addition to the WHMIS symbols. Your employer has to teach you about hazardous products at work.
Always ask your supervisor if you don’t understand how to use a product safely. You employer does not want anyone to be hurt at work. It is your responsibility to ask questions and understand how to stay safe. Read safety labels and look for WHAMIS symbols.