Did you know that the majority of the general industry accidents are due to slips, trips, and fails?

They can be minor, they can result in serious injuru disability or worse. And the cost can be substantial to the employer and to the employee. 

And you as an employer have primary responsibility for pretecting the safety and health of your workers. Slips are most often caused by something wet such as oil, water, grease, mud or food getting onto a floor or other walking surface. Trips often occur when uncovered hoses, cables, wires or other obstacles are stretched across aisles or walkways.

Falls can occur in any industry but are most prevalent in construction.

They can occur on the same level or from elevated levels such as stairs, paltforms and ladders.

To prevent accidents, follow OSHA standards and these tips.

Numer one, keep floors clean and dry and aisles and passageways clear and in good repair with no obstructions that could creat hazards.

Number two, inside the building employers should provide non-slips mats and warning signs for wet floor areas.

Numer three, adequate lighting should be provided in all work areas and passageways and burned-out light bulbs should be replaced immediately.

Number four, stairs and stairways should have handrails and steps should be slip resistant.

Number five, in the winter months, snow and ice removal is essential in parking lots and in front of entryways.

Number six, encourage employees to wear appropriate footwear to work. Flip-flops and open-toed shoes are not recommended based on weather conditions ot if employees are working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries.