If there is a chance of anything other than a minor fire. Developing a fire watch is also required if combustible materials in building construction, are located less than 35 feet from the hot work site, combustible materials are located more than 5 feet away from the hot work, but are easily combustible.Wall or floor openings within 35 feet of the hot work, expose combustible materials in adjacent areas, including concealed spaces in walls or floors. combustible materials are adjacent to the opposite side of partitions walls, ceilings or roofs and are likely to be ignited.

The fire watch must stay in position during all hot work, during all break for lunch or other reasons and for 30 minutes after hot work has been completed. the permit issuer may require the fire watch to saty in position for longer than 30 minutes, if fire hazards merit the extension, If one fire watch is not capable of directly observing, all the combusitable materials that can be ignited by the hot work. one more additional fire watches will be required.